• Residential Cleaning
    We understand how important your home is to you. Whether it's carpet cleaning, tile and grout cleaning, or power washing, we will treat each job like it is our only job. We are not happy with our cleaning services until you're happy.
    Commercial Maintenance
    Employees work better when there isn't dirt and debris cluttering their space. Yuilles Contracting Inc., exceeds in attention to detail! When you call us to clean, we will ensure it's done right the first time.

Professional Cleaners – Carpets, Tile, Restoration, and Refinishing

Yuilles Contracting Inc. – Newport News, VA

Why Choose Us?

Here At Yuilles Contracting Inc., in Hampton Roads, we are taking the concept of cleaning from a job to a profession and removing negative bias in the industry through education. We are customer-centric and approach every job with the intention of meeting customer needs. When you work with Yuilles Contracting Inc., Yuille Be Glad You Chose Yuilles!

Yuilles Contracting Inc., guarantees customer satisfaction. We clean until the job is complete. This type of service guarantees that the customer will be excited about the service we provide and want us to help them again when the time comes. We believe this builds a relationship between Yuilles Contracting Inc., and the customer that surpasses the typical service-related relationship.

At Yuilles Contracting Inc., we use green chemicals and green technology to protect the Hampton Roads environment. We believe this practice separates us from our peers. Call us today at 757-871-8691!

Carpet Cleaning

Our carpet cleaning service always goes the extra mile. Not only do we give you a quote for your cleaning, but we advise you on how to keep your carpets clean. We make sure to provide you with a level of quality that fails most other companies.

Tile and Grout

Have you ever cleaned your tile floors just to have them look as dirty as when you started? We can fix that. Our Tile N Grout services include a free estimate and we explain how we make your tile and grout look as good as new.

Power Washing

When it gets warm outside, flowers start blooming, birds start singing, and pollen wreaks havok on your house. Springtime is the perfect time to show you what a good power washing can do for your home. If you call now and schedule with us, you can cut your cost by 25%.

  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee on All Services